The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty

The death penalty has existed for many years now, most countries have abolished it, but still in present time, some states in the U.S.A. still enforce this law. In the past the law has used such cruel methods of killing criminals who have been caught by the law committing severely cruel crimes such as rape, murder or any act of terrorism. These criminals have been submitted to torturous as punishments for their crimes, such as chopping heads, gas chambers, deadly injections and even the electric chair. The actual purpose of the death penalty is to deal with those criminals which society have no hope in them and simply want to get rid of them. The death penalty is meant to make criminals pay for their crimes, to prevent them from committing further crimes and to deter other criminals from committing the same crimes. As a result to this issue are the discussions among the member of today’s society to see whether this punishment is correct or if it is an act of cruelty.

First of all the death penalty is meant for criminals to pay for their crimes. People who commit any type of serious crime such as rape, murder or any act of terrorism are considered dangerous to society, and therefore they should be put away for life, with all their privileges taken away. Another better solution would be to sentence them to death, so society would not have to worry about them anymore. A criminal who has killed an innocent person at least must pay for it by being executed by the federal law system, “eye for an eye”. For example a criminal who has murdered another person should receive the same punishment, which would mean executing him. Another example can be of a raper, who goes around and just rapes innocent women just for the sake of it.

These people are mentally ill and should be finished with. These people don’t make society prosper in any aspect, so why have them around. They only can cause trouble in society and can gather more people to join them. Then the criminal rate would rise and life would be chaos. As civilized societies of today, it is necessary to live in peace and not have to be worrying what could happen to us, when leaving home. The propose of having a criminal justice system is to protect the rights of life, liberty and property of all citizens. It is very important to p rotect the citizens of a locality. To be able to accomplish this task the law must be harsh enough to frighten criminals and to acquire a lower criminal rate. However there are people who are against the death penalty which argue that this punishment isn’t the best method for a criminal to pay for his crime. Theses people say that in the civilized societies of today, there should be other methods in order to punish criminals. These groups also agree that just by sending the criminal to jail that it is enough

Another reason for the death penalty to be imposed is that it is meant to stop criminals from committing further crimes. For this reason, the only way of making sure completely that a criminals who is caught for murder or any other serious crimes doesn’t keep on committing them again, is by executing them. There are also other possibilities of locking the criminal up in jail. This would be alright if the criminal would be locked up for life. Such cruel crimes just can’t be forgotten and most of the times the families of the victims prefer executing the criminal. If the criminal is locked up, he has the possibility of escaping. Only executing the criminal society can be completely sure that the criminals don’t repeat their disasters. Some people don’t agree with this, due that it is severely cruel, they go with the idea of other punishments. They think that just by going to jail that it is enough. These groups oppose on the idea of executing any human being and think that criminals are going to pay for their crimes just by being in prison. They also say that in jail, all one’s freedoms are taken away and

they’ll be controlled like little babies. They think that being in jail can be bad enough, and that the criminal will suffer enough in prison. But the reality is that if a criminal is sent to jail, he serves his sentence, and then is released. A criminal is always likely to continue to break the law once he is back on the streets. If this case would occur of a criminal repeating himself, the best thing to have done would have been to execute him the first time caught.

The death penalty is also important because it is meant to show other criminals what would happen to them if they would be caught committing a similar crime. In order for this to occur the law has to be harsh enough to deter other criminals from committing the same crimes. The law must be enforced equally to every individual and must have severe punishment in order to be respected. The idea is suppose to make criminals think twice before committing a severe crime. This punishment is meant to lower the criminal rate in order to save lives. Punishment makes one less likely to break the rules. As a society people still use the same philosophy as the ones parents use with naughty children. There are still many differences between both groups which state that capital punishment doesn’t seem to deter crime. They argue that this punishment is too harsh and only shows more violence which can only lead to more crime. These groups seem to believe that with the death penalty in function, that it doesn’t seem to have lowered the criminal rate. But in reality the rate has lowered, maybe not by a great lot, but just by executing the few criminals caught means a decrease in the percentage of crimes committed. This means that if the criminals are sentenced to death that they can’t ever repeat any type of crime again.

Even though the death penalty seems to be the best solution, there are groups that disagree with it. They consider the possibility of executing the wrong person, an innocent person. These people say that judges are not always perfect and can make mistakes when it comes on deciding a criminals sentence due to that their just humans,

and that humans make mistakes. There are small chances of this happening because from the day the criminal are caught to judgement day and to the day of his execution can take a process of a couple years. The necessary time to find enough proof and be completely sure of who and who has not to be executed. People also oppose to this punishment because they say that this punishment can sometimes have racist judgements towards different types of people. Which means that judges can sometimes think differently about two different criminals committing the same crimes and give them two different sentences totally opposite one from the other. These cases occur rarely. These cases should never occur because the judges are people who have gained trust of a certain number of people in a community, and have been chosen by them. There could be the case of a racist judge due to the different kinds of mentalities in today society. People oppose the punishment mostly because it is an act of cruelty, and that no human being deserves this punishment. Some people also bring up the sixth amendment, which states “Thou Shalt not Kill”. This is a religious belief, but there are many followers of this religion, Christianity. These people respect the amendments because they are the words of God, and the word of God means a lot to these people.

Does the death penalty really reduce crimes? What is for sure is that if crime is not controlled or reduced, in the future there could appear new problems associated with crime that society may not know how to respond towards them and can become a serious problem. I also believe that the death penalty does make criminals pay for there crimes. There would be no better way to punish a murderer that has killed an innocent person, than by executing him. I also believe that criminals do think about the death penalty before committing a crime. I also believe that criminals prefer to go to jail for life instead of going to the electric chair. Capital punishment I think is the best way of avoiding a criminal repeating their crime. Capital punishment also makes other

criminals see how society reacts in reality and the things that could occur if caught committing a severe crime.

In order to complete my essay I needed to search for information. I decided that the Internet was the best place to look for information for my topic. There were many articles in the Internet about the death penalty, so I had to decide which information was the most important for me in order to complete my essay. The following websites were the one I decided that were going to help me:

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