Death Penalty

Death Penalty

Death penalty, is it good or bad? Through the Federal Government, 38 of the 50 states have death penalty laws, and public opinion polls in the last decade have generally indicated that the majority of Americans favor capital punishment. The death penalty is needed in the country do to the high crime rate and violence. It helps as a deterred, stopping people from committing crime, such as murder. With the death penalty it also brings closure to the victim’s family, because they are reassured that the person that committed the crime was punished for it.

We know that living murderers harm and murder, again, in prison, after escape, and after improper release. They shouldn’t be given more than a second chance to live. During the 17 month period, alone, 13,000 people were murdered and over 12,000 raped by those the US released on such “supervision.” But one of the top specialists in the United States Leon Leahy said” If you are going to support the death penalty, how can you live with yourself when innocent people are killed?” So why didn’t Leahy ask “If you support parole and probation, how can you live with yourself when innocent people are raped and murdered by those so released?” For example, let’s say that a person with a gun murdered someone and now wanted to rob a bank for some cash that he needed desperately. He goes in there, steals a couple of thousands of dollars and shot an innocent security guard in the leg. His injury became serious and is now handicap. That guy should pay for what he had done. He didn’t care the people that he hurt. What makes it so sure that he will never do it again? He has already did one thing wrong and now committed another crime. It looks like he didn’t learn from his mistakes. So if the senator or even the others like Leahy was really concerned about innocents, then he would have been complaining against parole and probation for years.

It is not likely to catch the wrong person who committed the crime they did not commit. This is the case because we have technology on our side. We have DNA testing, biopsy testing, witnesses, and other kinds of technology testing. In the Washington Post, Letter to the editor, it said “I know of no one opposed to DNA testing in those cases where such is determinative of guilt or innocence. Obviously, such testing will make the death penalty even less likely to execute an innocent. “For example, people leave fingerprints everywhere and everyone has their own fingerprint. Or even a strand of hair because everybody has a different DNA. Such items like these would be hard to find someone who is innocent if these features appear as what they seem. Richard Cohen, a Journalist says “there are numerous close calls of executing the innocents.” He says “close calls” because there is no proof of an innocent executed in the US. Then again, Execution is not cheap!

Execution is an expensive and a costly process. However, execution is for the justice of man kind. So cost is not an issue, Justice is. John MacRostie, the specialist says” Death Row can cost up 40 thousand dollars and the cost per prisoner for a life sentence can cost up to 30 thousand dollars per year. However, the cost for the death penalty is between 20 to 90 million dollars per execution depending on the state.” Example in Florida it costs 24 million. While California cost 90 million. Justice is worth every single penny and dime there is.

In conclusion, Murderers, rappers, killers, etc. always continue to hurt the innocent people that you love and care about or others that someone else cares about. They attack repeatedly again and again. Meanwhile, they never think before they act. This is the only solution to stop the victims from harm and danger. The death penalty can drop the crime rate and scare the dangerous individuals away. The 21st century has the modern technology so there’s less of a chance that we have the wrong person who committed the crime. We have blood testing, DNA, Biopsy, finger print testing, etc. These tests don’t lie. Although the execution can be quite expensive, it doesn’t matter how much it costs as long as justice is met. “If you commit the crime, you do the time.” Yet, this isn’t the case anymore. If you are going to oppose the death penalty, how can you live with yourself when innocent people are harmed and murdered by those who have been murdered before?