Death penalty

Death penalty

Did you know, the first legal document know for death penalty was written In the sass’s B. C. , 25 crimes were punishable by death (Example: cheating on your husband/Wolfe, killing someone, or raping) In 1608, Jamestown Virginia the first example of capital punishment was held on Captain George by hanging him for the reason of capital offense of treason. Capital punishment does still reflects the needs, want, and demands of American citizens because; life in prison is very expensive for he government and the people, the people will become more afraid of committing murders, and murderer deserve to die.

To start, capital punishment still reflects the needs, wants, and demands of citizens because of life in prison are very expensive. This means that the government has to pay all the need of the prisoners like; their food, a bed to sleep, utilities and even the when they have to talk to their relative or lawyer. To retrieve their money the government has to Increase the tax rate and this effects the human population cause they have to pay more tax each year.

Some people think that death penalty Is more expensive, but this Is stated false by Dudley Sharp “Justice for all estimates equivalent penalty cases”. According to William J. Brenan death penalty is unconstitutional because “It treats member of human race as inhuman and as an object to be toyed”. However Bruce Freon said “The death penalty honors humans dignity by treating the defendant as a free moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill”.

For example in 1972 death penalty was violating he 8th and 4th amendments but the Supreme Court overturn the decision because they thought that this was a fair way to punish people’s who had kill other people. To continue, a second reason that still reflects the needs, wants, and demands of citizens for capital punishment is that people will be more afraid to commit murders as said by Ernest van Den Hag “Nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death and life In prison Is less feared.

Murderers must be executed as long as It Is merely possible that their execution protects citizens from future murder”‘. One of the evidence that support this quotation is that since there’s more execution, there’s less murder committed, when capital punishment was banned the number of murder committed by strangers had returned, and in 1960, 90% of the murder where crime of passion, and at this point capital punishment was banned.

Some people disagree to this because they think that the government could have made a wrong decision and an innocent person was executed but this is a false statement because persons like Ted Bundy who was a serial killer that killed around 50 women ND after killing them kept some of the women’s head or other body parts In his own refrigerator are not meant to be alive.

To finish, the last reason that still reflects the need, want, and demands of a colleens for capital punishment is that the murderers are fully deserved to die. This mean live because they didn’t let the other person so why should the government not execute him and if don’t get the death penalty they may kill other person if they get out of prison. However some people think that it is wrong but was mark false by Bruce Freon “The crimes of rape, torture, treason, kidnapping, murder, larceny, and perjury must be punished”.

Evidence that supports this is the event that took place on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City; bomber Timothy Mac Veggie killed 168 people and was fully deserved to be executed. In conclusion, did you know, in 1960 Raining Beth became the last person to be publicly executed in U. S. ; he was hanged for rapping and murdering women and was reported as “Carnival in Newsroom” Also on august 6, 1890 the first execution be electrocution was held in New-York.